e-Summer Social Pack for the 4th June 2014 at RAF Northolt

The day will begin with a guided tour of the No 11 Group Battle of Britain Operations Room Bunker at RAF Uxbridge. After lunch Members will  be able to visit the Sir Keith Park Z-Sector Operations Room at RAF Northolt.

If you are planning to attend this years event, would you click on the appropriate links below, download, fill in and post back items 1 and 2, along with any monies due to the Treasurer at the address on the paperwork, to arrive no later than 23rd May 2014.

Person and Vehicle Details



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2 Responses to “e-Summer Social Pack for the 4th June 2014 at RAF Northolt”

  1. Roger Hale Says:

    Thanks David

  2. Nev Cooper Says:

    Sorry guys…..Looks like I’m going to have to give Northolt a miss on 4th, as have been waiting for an EVAR operation for a while now, and they (NHS) have now called me into the Royal Bournemouth (one of few places that carry this out) at shortish notice next Friday 30th. Only expect to be in for a short while, but don’t expect a journey to Northolt will be on their recommended list for the week following. I do of course thank Andy Bacon very much for his very kind invitation, and will of course be thinking (and envying) you all enjoying your tour of the bunker, etc.

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