Commanding Officers

Commanding Officers of 24 Squadron
Capt. A G Moore 1 Sep 1915
Maj. L G Hawker 29 Sep 1915
Maj. C E Rabagliati 29 Nov 1916
Maj. A G Moore 23 Mar 1917
Maj. J G Swart 22 Aug 1917
Maj. V A H Robeson 2 Feb 1918
Sqn Ldr E H Johnston 1 Apr 1920
Sqn Ldr O T Boyd 23 Oct 1922
Sqn Ldr R S Maxwell 22 Oct 1923
Sqn Ldr W H L O’Neill 27 Aug 1925
Sqn Ldr S N Cole 20 Sep 1927
Sqn Ldr D S Don 20 Mar 1929
Sqn Ldr J Whitford 3 Oct 1931
Sqn Ldr H K Goode 1 Dec 1935
Wg Cdr J Anderson Jun 1939
Wg Cdr H K Goode Oct 1939
Wg Cdr H G Lee Apr 1941
Wg Cdr P M W Wright Jun 1941
Wg Cdr H B Collins Jun 1942
Wg Cdr T H Archbell Sep 1944
Wg Cdr E L A Walter Oct 1945
Wg Cdr C W K Nicholls Sept 1946
Wg Cdr P H Lombard Mar 1948
Wg Cdr C F Read (RAAF) Mar 1950
Sqn Ldr H A Nash Dec 1950
Maj. J N Robbs (SAAF) Oct 1951
Sqn Ldr J L Kerr Oct 1953
Sqn Ldr R B Bolt (RNZAF) Sep 1955
Sqn Ldr M M Mair Feb 1957
Wg Cdr D W Hitchins (RAAF) Oct 1957
Wg Cdr H D Archer Oct 1959
Wg Cdr R B Sillars Nov 1961
Wg Cdr R T Saunders Nov 1963
Wg Cdr G Moss Jan 1966
Wg Cdr J E H Tetley Jan 1968
Wg Cdr R D Bates Jul 1970
Wg Cdr M J Hardy Jul 1972
Wg Cdr C E Evans Jul 1974
Wg Cdr M C A Davis Feb 1976
Wg Cdr K Chapman Aug 1978
Wg Cdr D R Jones Oct 1980
Wg Cdr C J M Carrington Mar 1983
Wg Cdr R M Peach Jun 1985
Wg Cdr D B Farquhar Dec 1987
Wg Cdr R D Iredale Apr 1990
Wg Cdr M D Stringer Oct 1992
Wg Cdr R M Bailey Jun 1995
Wg Cdr P N Oborn Apr 1998
Wg Cdr R Hobson Aug 2000
Wg Cdr K Groves Jun 2003
Wg Cdr D Turnbull Oct 2005
Wg Cdr A Bacon Jun 2008
Wg Cdr P Cochrane Nov 2010
Wg Cdr T Jones Feb 2011
Wg Cdr D James Dec 2012
Wg Cdr D Rawlins Jan 2015
Wg Cdr G Burdett Apr 2017

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