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The Ceremony of the Presentation of ‘THE STANDARD’ at RAF Abingdon 4th March 1954.

06 September, 2017

We recently received an email out of the blue from a Mrs Underhill, who is a photographer who was given a box of effects from a friend of a friend.  Included were one or two pieces relating to XXIV Squadron. We have requested they be sent to the Squadron at Brize.

Probably the most interesting item is this group photograph taken , it is thought, on the 4th March, 1954 at RAF Abingdon in connection with the presentation of a Squadron Standard.


The Hawker 2016 Ceremony Picture Gallery

07 December, 2016

Here is a stand alone post featuring the submitted images of the November 2016 Hawker Memorial Ceremony. It does bring home all the good work and effort required to organise such a successful event like this.

More Photos of the 2011 Reunion at Brize Norton

12 October, 2011

Avid new association member, Tim Pembrey was snapping away at the Reunion on the 1st October and just about covered the whole afternoon and evenings events in a picture story of the day, including some brilliant airborne shots out the back of the C130J.

Take a good by clicking on this link. XXIV Reunion 2011

Hastings photos 1964

29 July, 2010

Here are a few digital snaps from Roger Jones of his Hastings days flying around the Middle East in the days when it was not a 3 or 4 hour trip.

Photo Album and Image Gallery

26 March, 2009

2014 Image Gallery

This little group is from the October 2007 Reunion 

A gift from Aussie finally safely hits the target

05 October, 2008
That killer Boomerang

That killer Boomerang

The moment a killer boomerang, a gift from retired Air commodore Dave Hitchins, is presented to W/C Andy Bacon by Group Captain Keith Chapman at the 2008 Reunion held at RAF Lyneham

XXIV Squadron Photos

10 January, 2007


The Squadron Crest – still flying all round the world