Joint Services Trans Patagonian Expedition

One of the outcomes of this years Summer Social after a chance remark about a distinct lack of photo’s and missed opportunities to record these memorable occasions, was a photo sent in by Malcolm Fentum.

Malcolm was a Navigator  on the Squadron during the 1970’s at Lyneham and wonders if anyone can fill in some of the blanks? Add a Comment to this Blog Post if you can.

Bermuda Crew 30 Oct 1972

The background to the photo is as follows:-

The photo was taken in the Holiday Inn in Bermuda on 30 Oct 72 before flying home next day in XV206.  We’d just done an amazing route that had taken us down to Southern Chile (El Tepual), near the town of Puerto Montt.  We took the ‘Joint Services Trans Patagonian Expedition’.  Allende was in power & the whole country was on strike.  Interesting times.

The names he can remember are, back row:

?, ?, Phil Sharman,  Sqn Ldr Miles, Ken Smith, Ray Kinsey?, ?,?,?
Paul Gedge, John Ayers, ?, ?, MF

Final note on that trip is that Ken Smith, who was a Monty Python fanatic, came back with a parrot or 2.  I don’t think they were Norwegian Blues ‘pining for the fjords’.


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