XXIV’s new badge in St Clement Danes

New Sqn Slate

New Sqn Slate Badge

Here is a repost of a letter of thanks to our President from Wg Cdr D G Rawlins RAF, Officer Commanding XXIV Squadron regarding the service held in St Clement Danes on September 11th.

Dear Keith

I just thought I’d take this opportunity to thank the Association for their kind generosity in funding a significant part of the Squadron Floor Plaque. The Re-Dedication ceremony (the first in RAF History) at St Clement Danes was a fantastic occasion and was commendably supported by a cross-section of Squadron personnel augmented by enthusiastic Association members.

I was very proud to have been offered the chance to stand alongside Reverend David Osborn during the re-dedication in front of the Squadron Standard with the beautiful sounds from the fantastic choir filling the church. It was also a pleasure to talk to our Association members during our small ‘social’ afterwards. Sadly, afternoon drinking no longer agrees with me and I slept soundly on the coach on the way back to RAF Brize Norton.

Once again, please thank the Association for their continued support and I look forward to seeing you on 1 October when we will support you all at our Squadron.

In Omnia Parati

Daz Rawlins



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