St. Clement Danes Squadron Crest Slate Appeal

St Clement Danes Slates

St Clement Danes Slates

The XXIV Squadron ‘slate badge’ at St. Clement Danes Church is worn almost beyond recognition. The present Squadron Commander Wg. Cdr Daz Rawlins is keen to replace this slate badge.

This is quite a costly venture currently estimated at approximately £900.  The Squadron will be raising approximately £400 and have approached the Association for a contribution if possible towards this cause.

The Association would be prepared to add a small sum to the “fund” but the Association Committee is asking if any members of the Association would like to make a contribution towards the replacement of the ‘slate badge’. We are aware that some members already donate towards the running of the Association but there may be others who would consider this a worthy cause and would be willing to donate.

The reason why the Association fund can’t donate £500 is because the recent purchase of the Centenary Cup and upcoming costs likely to be required during the Hawker VC centenary in France.

Once the slate is ready to be installed, we would hope to consecrate this at a ceremony at St Clement Danes to which members would be encouraged to come

Cheques may be made payable to “24 Sqn Association” and sent to the Treasurer

Mr. R Hale, 14 Weiss Rd., London, SW15 1DH

Many thanks

Sam Wright (Chairman XXIV Sqn. Assn.)


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3 Responses to “St. Clement Danes Squadron Crest Slate Appeal”

  1. Graham Says:

    May I suggest that, if you can manage it, setting up a PayPal account or some such thing might increase the likelihood of donations? I personally haven’t written a cheque in years!

  2. the24assocbloger Says:

    Dear Members,

    The appeal for donations to replace our St.Clement Danes Stone is now closed and has raised £400.

    The Association Treasurer will make a cheque for £500 and send to the Squadron and work can begin.

    On behalf of the Association committee I thank donors for the very generous help in restoring our Squadron stone and I will give notice of the service planned after installation.

    Very best wishes

    Sam Wright – Chairman/Secretary

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