The Tiger Moth “Echo India” Story – Pt 2

The story of ex XXIV inventory Tiger Moth “Echo India” continues with some some more details from Andrew Wood as follows:-

“The serial numbers of the six MkII Tigers referred to in the post are interesting as five of them (all except N9431) are known to have been 81 Sqn machines.  Of these five, N6965, also survives (but has not flown for about 15 years).

Another of the five, N6964, was flown back from France by Doug Bevis on 23 May 1940; I have his logbook entries for May and June (kindly provided by his son, Keith) which also include his first flights in her at Hendon with 24 Sqn in June that year.

This aircraft was part of a flight of six Tigers which returned from St Omer Clairmaries on 23 May; along with the Lysanders of 2 Sqn, they were the last BEF aircraft to leave French soil. On crossing the English coast en route to Hawkinge they were fired upon by coastal defences at Dover!
IWM have a series of four photos of N6964 taken that April in France, one of which is shown:
N6964 in France Apr 1940

N6964 in France Apr 1940

Finally, a still from my helmet camera footage of a flight in EI this May which shows the WWI cemetery at Pozieres, just a few miles along the road between Albert and Bapaume from the Lanoe Hawker memorial.”
G-AOEI over WWI cemetery at Pozieres

G-AOEI over WWI cemetery at Pozieres




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