Cambridge Flying Group operates ex-24 Sqn Tiger Moth G-AOEI (N6946).

An interesting email in from Andrew Wood, who trained with The Cambridge Flying Group, about an ex workhorse of XXIV Squadron circa 1940. If you can offer any help, please add a comment.

“Her first posting with the RAF was with 81 Communications Squadron, part of the Air Component of the British Expeditionary Force in France. Following the Dunkirk evacuation she was overhauled and joined 24 Sqn in October 1940. She was later transferred with other 24 Sqn aircraft to 510 Sqn at Hendon. Released by the RAF in 1955, our Group became her second civilian owner (and first civilian operator) in 1958.

As part of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of France, we have been investigating our aircraft’s WWII RAF history. Whilst the 81 Squadron Operations Records Books have provided quite a bit of insight into her service in France in 1939/40, the 24 Sqn ORBs for 1940/42 which we have obtained do not shed any light on her activities with 24 Sqn. We would be very interested to learn of any information your Association may have about this.

Echo India (as she is now known) has been in regular use with us as a training aircraft since 1958. Hundreds of current pilots learned to fly on her or earned their tailwheel conversion at her controls.

Here is a picture of her taken earlier this month when we celebrated her service with 81 Sqn in 1939/40. We were joined on the day by members of 81 Sqn Association and the family of one of her 81 Sqn pilots, Doug Bevis (who also joined 24 Sqn, briefly, on return from France in June 1940).”


Tiger Moth G-AOEI

Tiger Moth G-AOEI

as a p.s. – various Tiger Moth serials appear on our more detailed aircraft listing page on the Association Web Site but not the full listing. In a stand alone document compiled by Simon Batchelor and presented to OC XXIV a couple of years back, G-AOEI [originally N6946], a MkII Moth is shown. – see extract below.

DH82 Tiger Moth K2568, K2570, K2572, K2575, K2576,K2578, K2579, K2581, K2582, K2583, K2584, K2585, K2586, K2587, K2593, K2595, K2596, K2597, K2598, K2599, K2600, K2601, K4243, K4244, K4259, K4276, K4277*, K4278, K4284*, BB802.

DH82 MkII Tiger Moth N6747, N6946, N6964, N6965, N9431, N9444.


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2 Responses to “Cambridge Flying Group operates ex-24 Sqn Tiger Moth G-AOEI (N6946).”

  1. The Tiger Moth “Echo India” Story – Pt 2 | The 24 Sqn RAF Association BLog Book Says:

    […] XXIV Squadron RAF Association Message Board – to keep members and friends up to date « Cambridge Flying Group operates ex-24 Sqn Tiger Moth G-AOEI (N6946). […]

  2. Simon Batchelor Says:

    Dear Andrew,
    I have checked my records and copies of other logbooks that I have, and I have SA Stevenson flying N6946 on 8 occasions between April 1941 and April 1942. I would be happy to scan the relevant pages if you contact me of list. I would also like to see the 24 Sqn relevant pages of Doug Beavis’s log for my records.
    Cheers Simon

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