Association Committee Vacancies

After quite a few years of no changes within the Association Committee, we have on offer two posts as a result of this years AGM, [see MINUTES XXIV ASSN AGM 12 Sep 2015.]

Neither of the posts are onerous and you would have many quiet periods during the year.

Deputy Chairman – as the name implies, to take over in the absence of the Chairman at the AGM and other occasions during the year as required. To assist the other Committee members as requested in help making arrangements for any other social events and the annual Reunion.

Secretary  – a little bit more involved but manageable as one of the team:-

  1. Be the Postal Address for all Association Correspondence
  2. Take ownership of the Association email account
  3. Keep up to date the email address book used for maintaining email contact with the membership for Social events and News of interest.
  4. Keep up to date the TOTAL Membership database records, i.e.
    1. Record New Members
    2. Make any changes to details
    3. Note Deceased Members
    4. Monitor Subscriptions for those not on email.
  5. Take notes for the AGM Minutes and type up for Chairman’s approval. Agree AGM Agenda with Committee.
  6. Keep receipts and list of Secretary’s expenses and submit annually to Treasurer prior to AGM.
  7. Work with Committee for Summer Social and Annual Reunion and collate all returns, cheques and paperwork etc.
  8. Answer and reply to requests for information or queries on matters relating to the Association or Squadron history, throughout the year via email or post.
  9. Pass on any material to Web Rep for Internet publication on Association Web Site or Blog.

Contact the Chairman if interested.


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