Centenary Reunion Weekend – Update #1

There is much final planning going on in preparation for the coming XXIV Squadron Centenary Reunion Weekend and here is a bit more detail and news to keep you up to date:-

Friday 11th – The Centenary Cup bought by Association Members  has at last won a place on the top table, keep a look out for it on the night.

Saturday 12th – AGM still at 11:00; Lunch in the Sergeants Mess has been delayed a little till around 12:45 to allow for address by OC XXIV and official cup presentation from the Association to the Squadron.

The Squadron have have plenty of activity taking place during the day and are selling BBQ tickets for £3 per person which includes alcohol if you need a top up after lunch.  The day activities finish at 1700 when the evening activities begin with the first band on at 1900 or so.

An invitation has been extended to Association Members to the evening activities. Tickets for the evening are priced at £5 which include alcohol and food will be available to buy,  see the Squadron Liaison Officer during the day. This is for the brave – the event will be on until 0100 but be warned –  the majority of this is all outdoors under the A400M building canopy.


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