Issue 22 of the Association Newsletter hits the streets

Issue 22 - Front cover

Issue 22 – Front cover


Find out what has been happening to the Squadron and the Association over the last 12 months by downloading this years Issue 22 of Twenty Fouryour own Newsletter.

It is has twenty four pages, odd that, full of colour, and contains some old favourites and a preview of the Centenary Trophy, which is to be presented to the Squadron on the 11th September.

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One Response to “Issue 22 of the Association Newsletter hits the streets”

  1. Tim Gosling Says:

    Great newsletter and I particularly enjoyed the storey about Fg Off Gap. I wish I’d thought of that when nominating someone for one of those recurring Officer Under Instruction requests for courts martial.

    However, you might like to remind Chas that the Hawker Memorial was erected and unveiled in 2011 (11 Nov 11), not 2012. [see article on Page 13].

    I remember it particularly since
    a) it was so freezing cold it will be etched in my mind for ever and b) as OC the XXIV colour party/staff ride it was the last time I wore my No1s before retiring in May 12.

    Tim Gosling

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