Summer Social – 17th June – Latest News

We are only a day or two away from this years lunch time gathering at The Pear Tree at Purton with a total of 37 Association Members and Guests expected.

As well as the serious business of lunch to enjoy, one or two extra items are on the Agenda to make it a really worthwhile event. All will be revealed after the lunch.

A final item for the reasonably energetic is the offer of a guided tour of a local landmark.

RAF Blakehill Farm

Aerial photograph of RAF Blakehill Farm airfield. The technical site and barrack sites are to the right (east) of the airfield, 17 July 1943.

If weather permits, Nick Yerbury is prepared to lead a short walk around RAF Blakehill, now Blakehill Farm, SN6 6RA used as an assembly point for the Dakotas and gliders to fly to Arnhem and A Bridge Too Far. He will provide directions for a 4 mile drive to a car park; it is wheelchair friendly. The surface under foot is old perimeter track! There are also memorials to Canadian paratroopers nearby.

If you think you would like to partake, would you seek out Nick shortly after arrival and bring suitable clothing and footwear. Tea could be provided at Ivy Lodge, Purton SN5 4AD afterwards.



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