Evans & Evans!

Evans & Evans

Evans & Evans

No, not a firm of solicitors in Swansea but ex OC XXIV, Clive Evans, in his later role as Station Commander at Lyneham and the Reverend Derryck Evans, circa 1982/3.

The photo which caught my eye appeared recently in the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald and after a bit of digging with the help of Andrew Thompson,  Senior Communications Manager of the Prospect Hospice, the story behind the event came to light.

The picture shows the C.O of RAF Lyneham, Group Captain Clive Evans CBE, presenting a cheque for £2,500 to the Reverend Derryck Evans. This money was raised by members of RAF Lyneham and their families when they held a sponsored walk along the coast of West Wales one weekend in 1982.

The handover of a cheque for £2,500 would have been a very significant amount then in those days. A representative from the Prospect Hospice said that RAF Lyneham used to do a huge amount for Prospect Hospice in its very early years.

Good to know that the spirit of charitable giving is still going strong both within XXIV, the Association and HM Forces.


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