Operation Khana Cascade

Khana Cascade Air Drop

Khana Cascade Air Drop


The usefulness of our Twitter feed was brought home this week with a “tweet” from the Air Historic Branch (https://twitter.com/AHB_RAF) reminding us that on the 25th February 1973, Operation Khana Cascade started.

This was the biggest airlift since the Berlin Airlift and involved 46 Group aircraft dropping around 2,000 tons of grain, maize and rice to Himalayan villages in Nepal due to a very poor harvest.

It did of course involve XXIV Squadron, No’s 14, 47 and 55 Air Despatch Squadron’s from Lyneham and Thorney Island. The aircraft involved flew out via Akrotiri and Masirah and a “Kanvas City” was set up at Bhairawa near the Nepalese border.

I spotted XV’s 217, 281 and XV 202, (now at RAF Museum Cosford) in the IWM film clip and the Detachment Commander was W/C Mike Hardy.

The last drop was 30th March 1973, just over a month from start to finish.

Check those log books and see if you took part in this major famine relief operation and add a few comment to this Blog. (Me, well I had only just arrived at XXIV some 6 months before and still a bit new to be sent out on this one.)

Watch this lovely 16mm film clip on the Imperial War Museum web site, (it takes a while to load) but it will bring back a few memories if you were involved in this or similar Ops over those years.



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