Squadron Leader ‘Jimmy’ James – Obituary

S/L Jimmy James  3 Oct 1922 - 7 Jan 2015

S/L Jimmy James 3 Oct 1922 – 7 Jan 2015

Pilot whose mission to fly General Gott to meet Churchill ended in disaster in the Western Desert.

Read all about the daring exploits of an ex XXIV pilot who joined the Squadron after the war and during his career was awarded the AFC* and DFM. What a great story to read.

Thanks to Association Member Tony Johnson for spotting this in the Daily Telegraph.




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2 Responses to “Squadron Leader ‘Jimmy’ James – Obituary”

  1. Jean Rogers Says:

    Worked with Jimmy for a few years in Bracknell. One of the nicest chaps I have known. Sad to see he has left us.

  2. Nick Somerville Says:

    I flew, and was flown by, Jimmy last June. We departed from Fairoaks to attend the Project Propeller reunion for WW2 aircrew, held at Gloucestershire Airports Jet Age Museum. His association with with Gloster aircraft, particularly the Javelin, made his trip even more interesting for him. I was very much looking forward to flying with him again this summer to where the event is being held at RAF Cosford.

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