Major Hawker Memorial at Ligny-Thilloy – Upkeep


Hawker Memorial Overview

Hawker Memorial Overview


Hawker Memorial Close Up

Hawker Memorial Close Up

Here is a resume and update of some of the background work that has been taking place thanks to the efforts of our Chairman/President and the local people over in France.

Following the visit to Ligny-Thilloy for the ceremony on 11 November 2014,  a fair amount of pointing had fallen out of the brickwork on the Hawker Memorial and that some of the lettering had already become indistinct. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) were contacted to ask if they could send an expert to have a look at the memorial and advise what repairs, if any, were needed.

We received a holding reply, saying that someone from CWGC would inspect the memorial in due course. Meanwhile, they politely reminded us that, since the memorial had been privately erected and was not under the care and maintenance of CWGC, there would be a charge for any repairs which they carried out.

You will be pleased to know that they have given the memorial a clean bill of health. The CWGC expert had found the memorial to be in “near pristine” condition and that this was entirely due to work organised by our good friend the Mayor, Dominique Deleplace.

During the reception on 11 November, some of the visitng party had informally expressed concern to Dominique about the state of the memorial … but had no idea he would take remedial action so swiftly. The repairs and cleaning must have been done quite soon after the visit because everything had been completed by the time the CWGC inspector arrived only a fortnight later. Anyway, we are indebted to the Mayor for taking this initiative, which has saved the Association and Squadron a tidy sum.

We now have further corroboration, if any was needed, that the village attaches great importance to the Hawker Memorial.


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    I trust we have thanked him! JID

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