e-Reunion Pack for the 4th October 2014 event at RAF Brize Norton

For the second year we are now on line with our e-Reunion pack instead of our usual method of posting by Royal Mail to one and all in hard copy. The Information packs and Newsletters are only posted to the very few members who elected to pay an Annual subscription of £5 for this facility.

If you are planning to attend this years event, would you click on the appropriate links below for all the relevant information then  download, fill in and post back items 2 and 3, along with any monies due to the Secretary as normal.

1. Programme of Events 2014

2. Attendance Proforma 2014

3. Person and Vehicle Details

4. Association Agenda 2014

5. Ladies Guest Night Menu 2014

6. Twenty Four Issue 21 – 2014 


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One Response to “e-Reunion Pack for the 4th October 2014 event at RAF Brize Norton”

  1. Paul Mansbridge. Says:

    It is with regret that Paul Mansbridge has to advise that he will not be free to attend the reunion events of 3rd 4th and 5th October, due to prior arrangements already made. I will hope to be available to attend next year’s reunion and any other events prior to this.

    Kindest regards,

    Paul Mansbridge.

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