Captain Alfred Edwin McKay, 24 Squadron RFC

We have had an email from Graham Broad who is an historian in Ontario, Canada. He is doing research on a local athlete and student from his university, Alfred Edwin “Eddie” McKay, who served with 24 Squadron from about June ’16 to March ’17, then at the Central Training School, then with 23 Squadron as a Captain. He was KIA 28 Dec 1917.  McKay and his fellow Canadian squadron mate, Arthur Knight, were the 24 Squadron pilots involved in Oswald Boelcke’s last fight.
Graham has been poking around our WordPress blog and a couple of things caught his attention. One is a recent blog post that noted that a gentleman had come across a photo album with WW1 era 24 Squadron photos.
One of these photos on the website is thought to be Lanoe Hawker in a front row. We are trying to fix up Graham with a high resolution version of this photo. If it was taken in the summer/autumn 1916 (clothing would seem to indicate yes) his guy may be in it. 
Secondly, here is an update about his research. his research on McKay is going well, but he lacks two things: one, good photos of him while he’s with 24 and much in the way of personal recollections of the other pilots. Not much at the RAF Museum / National Archives has been found so far, so he is hoping someone in the 24 Squadron community might know of photo albums, personal papers of other squadron personal who might have served with McKay, etc., that they could point help with.. 
Post a comment if you are able to help.


3 Responses to “Captain Alfred Edwin McKay, 24 Squadron RFC”

  1. the24sec Says:

    Graham has spotted on one of the pages of the album in question, but not shown on our Blog, there’s a sketch initialled “R.S.” and wonders if this is by later Air Marshall Sir Robert Saundby, who of course served with 24 and was quite a good artist, and did a book of watercolours, called Flying Colours.

    Any more feedback most welcome.

  2. Caroline Clifford Says:

    Sorry, not able to help, but I would be interested in a copy of the photo too. I am researching the Craghill family of Huntingdon for a school WW1 information pack. Joseph Henry Craghill was a member of the 24 Squadron too. It would be nice to have a squadron photo or any other information about the squadron for the pack. Thanks

  3. Frances Jewell Says:

    My grandfather, Walter Charles Jewell, was with the 24th Squadron in France between 30-12-1916 & 17-4-1917. His trade was “Disciplinarian”, so I have no idea what he actually did. At that point he had just reverted to 2/AM (although he rose to sergeant by the end of the war) so I don’t suppose he features in any of the photos. But if he does, I’d love to see them or to know more about his time there.

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