Thanks for a hugely successful Summer Social

Grp Cpt Andy Bacon in the "Historic" Dining Room.

Grp Cpt Andy Bacon in the “Historic” Dining Room.

An open letter of thanks from our Chairman, Committee and Members to Roger Hale for arranging such a successful and enjoyable programme for us all at Uxbridge & Northolt on Wednesday.  Even the last-minute cancellation of the band and the unseasonal weather couldn’t put a damper on what was by any standards an excellent day out for everyone in the large Association contingent.  A lot of effort went into planning the day and liaising with the Stn Cdr and his PA, as well as with the Mess Manager and 11 Gp Bunker guide; the result was a day that will be long remembered by all who attended. Although we were late getting into lunch, the mess staff took it all in their stride and produced a delicious lunch and a very high standard of service.

ps – additional thanks to Roger and Anthea for donating the pre lunch wine. And finally, thanks to all who donated the prizes for the raffle and Sam’s salesmanship which made £207, the highest we have ever made at any of our functions.



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