Not a traditional “Postcard from the Seaside!”

Hawker Hart crash in Scarborough, Aug 1938

Hawker Hart crash in Scarborough, Aug 1938

A very interesting photo of Squadron history was sent in recently by Ian Dewar who came across our Newsletter and thought it would be of interest. It shows the wreckage of a Hawker Hart bi-plane ( 2455) of 24 (Communications) Squadron, RAF – which crashed on the esplanade at Scarborough at 12.30pm of 8th August 1938.The annotation on the reverse includes the detail: Pilot P/O McMonnies and passenger, Air/Commodore G. Bromet.

We also involved our own Squadron historical aircraft expert, Simon Batchelor on the case who was able to add additional information; namely:-

that K2455 was a Hart (C) operated at the time of the crash by 24 Squadron. It is recorded as having crashed into the Italian Gardens in Scarborough after stalling.

Its period at Vickers was when it was converted to the Hart (C) configuration, they differed from ordinary Hart day bomber versions in having a rear cockpit with windshield. This is visible in the wreckage photograph.

As for the tail markings, it was at the time of the changeover from the red & black chevron to the black fighting cock within a six point star. Although the photo is not clear it is thought that it is possible that the Black Fighting cock symbol has been either removed, or painted over.


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