RAFVR(T) Sqn Ldr Dean and links with XXIV in the 1950’s

We have had an email query from Andrew Lister, WO(ATC) of 2168 Yeadon Squadron in Yorkshire and I have promised him a bit of publicity to help his research.

“During the late 1950’s, 2168 was commanded by a Squadron Leader R W Dean who we understand was a pilot with 24 Sqn during the war and possible afterwards. There is mention of a connection to RAF Gatow. The Squadron Leader rank was his rank within the RAFVR(T) in the 1950’s so I’m unsure of his rank whilst in the RAF but hoped you might be able to offer some insight.

During the 1950’s it would appear that cadets from Yeadon worked closely with 24 Sqn which was at RAF Lynham at the time, presumably due to Sqn Ldr Dean’s connections. One cadet that we know of was seconded as supernumerary air crew on Handly Page Hastings flying to RAF Gatow and even as far as Singapore.”

They would be grateful for any information on offer regarding Sqn Ldr Dean and also if any information is known about a link with 2168 cadets. If you can help out, please comment on this post.


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3 Responses to “RAFVR(T) Sqn Ldr Dean and links with XXIV in the 1950’s”

  1. Bluie Hobbs Says:

    24 (c) Squadron was at Topcliffe with 47 squadron in the early Fifties. They then moved to Abingdon in May 1953, In 1956 I switched from 47 to 24 at Abingdon and on Jan 1st 1957, 24 (c) Squadron moved to Colerne. I left in November 1958 for a detachment to 1325 Flight, Dakotas at Christmas Island (Christmas Airways).. 24(c) Squadron remained at Colerne till the end of the 50,s. I spent 10years on Hastings

    • Bluie Hobbs Says:

      The entry is to clarify 24 (C) Squadron’s whereabouts during the 50’s

    • Andrew Lister Says:

      Hi Bluie, thanks for that clarification it appears we may have some confusion as to the location, 24 not going to Lynham until 1968. Interesting your time with 24 coincides exactly with a posting of one of our cadets to 24 in November 1957. He reports flying on the Northolt-Wildenrath-Gatow-Warsaw run, does this fit with your involvement, the movement authority mentions Northolt though?

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