XXIV Boosts Morale For Brave Teenager


XXIV and Brave Teenager

XXIV and Brave Teenager

On Monday 13 January 2014 one of the RAF’s C-130J Hercules aircraft, captained by Squadron Leader Philps, took off from its home at RAF Brize Norton and headed to Newquay International Airport where it picked up 14 year old Garvey Evans who is recovering from a brain tumour, and his father Glyn and brother Gavin.

Glyn Evans wrote to Group Captain Steve Lushington, Station Commander of RAF Brize Norton, to request some words of encouragement for his son, a keen supporter of the Armed Forces. The Station Commander was moved by the letter and wanted to give Garvey a day to remember. Number XXIV Squadron had a suitable training task and were able to fly the family in a Hercules.

Garvey and his family were greeted by Squadron Leader Philps, Flight Commander B Flight, XXIV Squadron and Sergeant Mark Hemming, 99 Squadron, Weapon Systems Operator (Fixed Wing) Crewman who outlined the days activities; the sheer excitement was plain to see on Garvey’s face. The family were given a tour of the aircraft and a brief of its capabilities – then it was time to go flying.

The flight took them in the vicinity of Newquay, following the coastline close to the families’ home town of St Austell.

In February 2011 Garvey was diagnosed with a brain tumour (Metastatic Medulloblastoma) which left young Garvey potentially 24 hours away from losing his life. Having undergone two lifesaving operations as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Garvey never lets anything get him down. He remains relentlessly upbeat, continuously smiling and always willing to offer support to others who are struggling with their treatment.

Group Captain Steve Lushington, Station Commander of RAF Brize Norton said:

“I was delighted to receive Glyn’s letter asking for some encouragement for his son. Rather than just sending him some things in the post, we decided to put on something special. I’m sure he will remember the flight for some considerable time.”

He added: “It is always fantastic to recognise the bravery of young people like Garvey.”

Garvey’s father Glyn Evans said:

“It is an absolutely amazing thing what the RAF have arranged. They went out of their way to make it such a special treat for Garvey. Things like this are better then any medicine and are just as much a part of his recovery. We can not thank the RAF enough.”

Following the flight Garvey was presented with a signed C-130J print, a XXIV Sqn crest and pin badge as well as a CD of the photos taken on the day so he can always remember his flight on the RAF Brize Norton C-130J Hercules ZH887

Editor: Sgt Hemming

RAF/MOD Crown Copyright 2014


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