Picture Post – 001 – Lord Trophy Winners – 1974

Lord Trophy Crews Aug 1974

Lord Trophy Crews Aug 1974

As a starter to the Association Picture Post campaign, this is my contribution to get things rolling.   The first decent photo  I found in my Log Book matched up with an entry for the 20th August 1974. The flight lasted 2 hours 40 minutes and the Captain was F/L Mike Stokes and was described simply as “Lord Trophy LLXC”.

As an aside, it was while embarking on this little mission that I realised how few photographs I had of my time on XXIV, which is a bit sad. Maybe some of you have a photo which accidentally includes yours truly?

There are no details of the low level route we took on that particular day in my log book but it would have probably been out across North Devon, ending up flying over Lyme Bay, coasting in at West Bexington (does that ring a bell?) before dropping the stores over Keevil Airfield. I also seem to remember on that day it was particularly murky  and great praise was metered out by Mike Stokes for the part that all the crew members played in keeping us spot on course and bang on the drop time.

If you can fill in any of the blanks route wise and names to the faces above, do add a comment to this post. As a starter we have:- Mike Stokes, front centre, myself, Dave Burgin, back row, second in from right, Matt Mathieson, Mike Lythgoe, Derek Stewart and Lionel Warrington.

Over and out.



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11 Responses to “Picture Post – 001 – Lord Trophy Winners – 1974”

  1. Mike Lythgoe Says:

    In the photo you also have Joe Bishop, Mike Bailey, Malcolm Fentum and Trevor Taylor. I was Nav in the 3rd of the 3 aircraft – XV 193 – with Roger Hale, and I seem to recall, Sam Wright and Trevor Pattison (all missing from the photo).

  2. Mike Lythgoe Says:

    Sorry, my mistake, not Sam Wright, it must have been Lionel as co pilot. DZ was Everleigh and the load was paras

  3. Mike Lythgoe Says:

    Also there is Don Avery, Paddy Bohan, and Chris ?, and maybe ? Needham.

  4. Derek Stewart Says:

    I flew on Matt Mathieson’s crew and think there is a Flt Eng missing in the photo. But further ident on the back row; on Lionel’s right is Dave Needham, on his left Chris Sibley, on your right Mike Bailey (ALM Ldr) and on your left is Paddy Bohan. Amazing what’s still in the memory bank – now what was I doing before this response?

  5. John Needham Says:

    Looking at my log book I have –
    20 August 1974 XV221 Capt Flt Lt Mathieson
    LLXC Para DZ Everleigh Lord Trophy

    And I’m back row extreme left (as you look at it) – John Needham

  6. the24sec Says:

    The Lord Trophy – want to know a bit more about it? Here is an extract from Flight International September 1962 and some links to other references.

    The Lord Trophy is awarded annually to the medium-range transport squadron which “proves itself most proficient in the transport support role” and is competed for by units from all over the world. It includes a one-hour written examination, for captains and navigators, on transport support procedures and a cross-country of approximately four hours ‘duration, partly at low level and including an emergency situation and a paratroop drop. This year’s competition, in which Hastings, Beverley, Argosy and Valetta crews from the Far East, Middle East and the UK participated, was mounted from Malta and took place early this month. The captain of the winning 114 Sqn crew was Flt Lt D.C.Milner. The Lord Trophy, given to the RAF in memory of the late Flt Lt D.S.A. Lord, VC, DFC, was presented to Transport Command in 1957.

    The Trophy was presented to the RAF by the parents of Flt Lt D. S. A. Lord, who won the VC on supply dropping at Arnhem. This year (1962) marks the first occasion on which overseas squadrons have competed.



  7. adlene Says:

    Good morning, I was a student pilot 20 YEARS ago at cse oxford. I have flown with mike stokes and I want to contact him. Thank you for help.

  8. the24sec Says:

    Adlene – pleased you find our Blog and someone you know. We have also lost contact with Mike. He is not currently a member of the Association but little comments like this might find him in cyber air space.

  9. Mike Stokes Says:

    Hi, all you fantastic former members of 24 Sqn. I have returned from cyber space courtesy of our bowser driver at Oxford Airport who had discovered the photo on this site! I salute all of you in the photo and others not included who made it possible for 24 Sqn to win the Lord Trophy for the 2nd consecutive year. (In 1973 it was a single ship with a similar crew). I believe that record still holds.

    The weather was marginal in 1974 and it tested us all to extreme levels of professionalism to succeed so accurately in such conditions. I remember the judges commentating afterwards how quiet the intercom was in each aircraft, with each crew member carrying out his tasks with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of efficiency, like a well-oiled machine – which it was.

    I consider it the finest example of multiple teamwork that I have been privileged to lead in my flying career – a day we should all remember and be proud of. Now with in excess of 20,000 flying hours and 17 years training pilots for the airlines at CAE Oxford Training Academy, I am semi-retired as a part time examiner and assessor for the company.

    Do please get in touch. It would be great to hear news of such a fine body of professionals.

  10. Chas Whitaker Says:

    Are you the Mike Stokes who is/was married to a lovely Canadian lady ?? And who escaped from the Fairford Herc in the nick of time ? And who owned the Dining Table from a Man of War ?My mobile is 07810 505059
    Chas Whitaker

    • Mike Stokes Says:

      Yep! I be he! Happily married for 45 years to my Canadian beauty! The Hercules escape (an engine running crew change) was the first of several lucky flying escapes so far. 50 years a professional pilot in Apr 2015 when I become a rare antique!
      Give me a call 07855-931448.

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