From Hitler’s U-Boats to Khruschev’s Spyfights

F/L Tom Clark

F/L Tom Clark

We have been informed by Pen and Sword that after providing quite a bit of research assistance during 2010/11 to Chris Clark, son of F/L Tom Clark, he has had the book recently published and it may be of interest to members of 24 Squadron Association, see brief description below. The subject of the book, Flight Lieutenant Clark, served with 24 Squadron and makes various references to the Squadron.

From Hitler’s U-Boats to Khruschev’s Spyfights: Twenty-five Years with Flight Lieutenant Thomas Buchanan Clark RAFChris Clark

This book tells the tale of the illustrious Royal Air Force career of Tom Clark, a World War Two gunner and post-war signaller in action during some of the most pivotal events of the twentieth century. From work as an air gunner, involved in the daunting task of taking on the might of Hitler’s U-boat fleet, to post-war involvement in an Intelligence capacity during the dramatic events surrounding Khrushchev and the atomic threat of the late 1950s, Clark’s career was dramatic and varied to say the least.

Having joined the RAF just before the Second World War, Clark was destined to take part in a whole range of wartime operational engagements. His career featured involvement in the famous 1941 hunt for the elusive Bismarck, the dangers of life as part of an Air Sea Rescue squadron in conflicted waters, and the experience of training as a gunnery leader (later an instructor), training air gunners for the famed Desert Air Force. Lovingly penned by his son, the book provides an authentic insight into this dynamic period of world history


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