Comet XK699 – now only only 30 foot long

Comet XK699 after the dismantlers

Comet XK699 after the dismantlers

Comet XK699 Gate Guard before dismantling

Comet XK699 Gate Guard before dismantling


This is the sight that greeted our Deputy Chairman, Sam Wright on Tuesday 12th October on returning from France. Sam has lived next door to Lyneham main gate for many years, hence he has more than a vested interest. His comments are below.

“So there we have it, just 30 feet of the Comet is left, the rest a huge pile of scrap metal. 216 Sqn. Association were told it was going to Cosford to be refurbished so it begs the question why did they not save sections to be put together later. If 10 metres could be removed without collapsing so could the rest. I also wonder why the front gates were covered by white sheets whilst destruction was in progress? There would have been many ex riggers who would love to work on her. Shame on the wreckers.”

An explanation from Ron Fulton of the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection is as follow:-

“Yes BDAC now has the front 10 meters of Sagittarius at Old Sarum as part of our museum.  I am sorry to say that none of the national museums who might have been able to fund the move of the whole aircraft and its restoration were interested, and we took the view that salvaging at least a large part of it was better than the whole lot going to scrap which was the alternative.  The airframe was beyond salvation with extensive corrosion and had it been left at Lyneham then it would have collapsed where it stood.  We plan to restore the front and then open it to the public but this will take a few months.  We did also salvage all the seats and the engines together with some other bits and pieces which we will put on display.”

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