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Handover of Squadron Aircraft book 5 Oct 2013

Handover of Squadron Aircraft book 5 Oct 2013

They say we all have the ability to write a book but maybe not the patience to finish it. Well, our favourite Honorary Association Member, Simon Batchelor has proved that not only can he put one together,  he has actually finished one. Not just any old book but a definitive list of the aircraft types, marks and serials operated by the Squadron.

Here he is handing over the finished article to Wing Commander Doz James at this years Association Reunion at the Squadron HQ. [p.s. don’t look round but I think the Press Corps followed you into the building]

Simon discovered records of 100 different types being allocated or used by the Squadron, some were trial aircraft used for a few days and others served for several years, and in the case of the Lockheed Hercules decades!

In addition many different marks of the same type were operated, these include;
 5 Marks of the Avro 504
 1 civil and 4 Military marks of the Douglas DC3/ Dakota
 All 7 marks of the Lockheed Hudson used by the RAF
 4 marks of the Lockheed Hercules
 5 marks of the Bristol F2B fighter
 3 Marks of the Vickers Wellington

XXIV Squadron has operated aircraft designed by 39 separate concerns, built in Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, and the USA. The largest numbers from one maker designer are the Airco and De Havilland DH series totalling 22 types or marks, followed by 12 types or marks from Lockheed, and 11 from Avro.

The total number of aircraft operated if split down into different marks comes to 137 in number from the Airspeed “Envoy” to the Wicko “Warferry”

We will in due course be posting as much information from the book as possible, so sign up for notifications as it rolls out.



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2 Responses to “Join the Book Club”

  1. Bluie Hobbs Says:

    What about the three marks of Hastings? I flew as a 24 Sqn Nav on 27 serials, covering three types.
    Bluie Hobbs

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