A lot of hard work has been going on in the background by Flt Lt Sam Stafford and the rest of the Squadron liaison team in preparation for our Reunion on the 5th October. Here is a summary of the Admin Order.

 1, 0945-1100, Main Gate, Assoc members arrive, Sqn personnel to meet and escort as req’d.  The car parks outside and adjacent to the Officers’ Mess will be available for Association members,  in addition to parking outside the Sqn HQ.

2, 1000-1055, Officers’ Mess, Assoc members gather in the Ante Room for light refreshments. Raffle Tickets on sale.

3, 1100-1155, Officers’ Mess,  AGM for Assoc only members; now in Blenheim Room. Guests and non-association members stay in ante room.

4, 1200-1230, Officers’ Mess,  Coral Room, XXIV Sqn Presentation,

5, 1300-1330, Officers’ Mess,  dining room adjacent to Coral Room, Fork Lunch.

6, 1400-1500, Coach to Passenger Terminal, Those going flying Check-In. Medium level transit flight [min 2,000′ AGL] to Bristol Channel and local area recce.

7, 1500-1600, Assoc Flyers photo by C130J after landing. Flyers to return to Sqn HQ after landing.,

8, 1400-1630, Sqn HQ, Sqn Personnel to host Association at Sqn HQ.  Non-flyers to be dropped off at HQ after Pax terminal drop off.

9, Events in Sqn HQ –  Sqn Shop, Sqn History, Display in ‘The Street’,  C130J Simulator, 1500-1530, Presentation by Simon Bachelor about XXIV WW2 Impressed aircraft, Conference Room.

10. Members and Guests for daytime only events disperse a/r. Ladies Guest Night timings as advertised.



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