Hercules C-130 Handover Ceremony at Cosford Museum

On the 13th Sep 2013 the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford held an official handover ceremony for the Lockheed C-130 Hercules XV202 in the presence of Air Marshal Baz North of the Royal Air Force, Air Vice Marshal Ian Corbitt (Rt’d), Sir Michael Marshall, Chairman of Marshalls and former Hercules airmen.

See this Link for the Press Release 
or watch the You Tube clip

and there is more.

Association member, Tim Pembrey can be seen in this longer and more comprehensive clip being interviewed on board Hercules C130 Mk3 XV202 talking about down route on the Hercules to Hong Kong and also a bit about JATFOR.

You Tube clip – C130 in Service



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One Response to “Hercules C-130 Handover Ceremony at Cosford Museum”

  1. Tony Johnson Says:

    It was good to see that XV 202 now has a good home. On looking through my old log books, I am reminded that I was on the crew that ferried this airframe out to Singapore to reform the squadron with the C 130. We left Lyneham 28 December 1968 and arrived at Changi on new years eve.

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