Summer Social 2013 – Yes it was.

It was a journey into unknown territory for many of the die-hards and new members who attended this years Summer Social in the rural Oxfordshire village of Sunningwell.

As expected, the weather was at its best as our party of 35 rendezvoused at the home of Dick and Jackie Gould, Association President, for pre lunch drinks. These Summer Social events have gone from strength to strength over the past 10 years and give the whole ethos behind the Association a pleasant mid year boost.

With attendance figures at capacity, the traditional group photo session proved a challenge and a certain amount of risk for our regular snapper, John Martin. It was only by making full use of the panoramic feature on the camera to capture us all that saved John from falling into the fish pond.

Summer Social 2013 - The Whole Group

Summer Social 2013 – The Whole Group

The Left Wing Group

The Left Wing Group

The Centre Party

The Centre Party

The Right Wingers

The Right Wingers


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One Response to “Summer Social 2013 – Yes it was.”

  1. the24sec Says:

    A comment on behalf of Andy Bacon via email – “I’m glad that the Summer Social went well this year. Now that I’m firmly ensconced at Northolt there would be scope to hold either the Summer Social or Annual Dinner there if you would like. Just let me know.

    Regards Andy

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