Summer Social – 5 June 2013 – All the latest details

Our host for this years Summer Social on the 5th June, Dick and Jackie Gould, have been busy selecting a venue,The Flowing Well,  (please note slight change of plan here), menus and fine tuning the logistics.

All details are contained in the links below. If you are coming along, early decisions are needed as they are very popular events, download and print off the Invite and return with menu choice and monies as described.

Summer Social 2013 Invite
Menu 5th June 2013

Sunningwell Map

Sunningwell Map

Invite Summary

Timing: Drinks from 11:45, Lunch 12:45

Venue: Drinks with Dick and Jackie Gould, followed by a no-host lunch at the Flowing Well, Sunningwell (see map).

Parking: Please park at the Flowing Well or the Village Hall (opposite the church). It is a 200-300 yard walk from there to Dick and Jackie’s house. There is limited parking available at the house for anyone with mobility problems, so please let us know in advance if you would like to take advantage of this.

Cost: £20 for 2 courses, or £25 for 3 courses, including tea or coffee. Please see the full menu on a separate sheet and then complete the order form below and send with your cheque, payable to 24 Squadron Association, to: Dick Gould, 2 Bullsmead, Sunningwell,
Abingdon, Oxon, OX13 6RL, to arrive not later than Monday 27th May.

This will be the last date for bookings and for penalty-free cancellations.

Tips: The service at the pub is usually very courteous and efficient and a gratuity has been included in the menu price to avoid having to take up a collection on the day.

UPDATE – List now closed – List of those attending the lunch as @ 29th May 2013 are:

Richard Bates

Heather Bates

David Burgin

Chris Carrington

Di Carrington

Liz Carter

Keith Chapman

Peggy Hooton

Nev Cooper

Terry Cooper

Tim Gosling

Gill Gosling

Dick Gould

Jackie Gould

Roger Hale

Anthea Hale

Clive Harley

John Harris

Thelma Harris

Colin Joyner

Jane Joyner

Al Lockwood

John Martin

Rita Martin

Trevor Paterson

Norma Paterson

Roger Payne

Penny Payne

Eileen Rogers

Lynn Rogers

Gay Warrington

Lionel Warrington

Chas Whitttaker

Dee Knight

Phil Whitworth

Sue Wright

Sam Wright

Nick Yerbury

Jackie Yerbury


Colin Eames – Drinks only

Liz Eames – Drinks only

Doz James – Cancelled

List now closed.



3 Responses to “Summer Social – 5 June 2013 – All the latest details”

  1. Dennis Hobbs. Navigator Says:

    Back to the old stamping grounds

  2. Nev Cooper Says:

    Monday 20th May

    Woww…Better get ourselves ‘Lined up and ready to roll’ then for sure.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Nev & Terry COOPER
    (Colerne Hastings)

  3. fred da Costa Says:

    Fred and Rosie da Costa send apologies as it is long way from the Turks and Caico. Back in uk on17 June.Regards to all.Fred

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