RAF Museum Hercules film

We have quite an interesting request that should appeal to a broad number of our members, as it concerns those with a bit of Hercules experience. All the info is below and feel free to contact Ewan direct. He says:-

“I am writing to ask if any 24 Squadron Association members might be able to help us.

The RAF Museum has recently accepted a Hercules aircraft into its collections, and we are currently working on new Hercules exhibitions in order to display the aeroplane to best effect.

Part of this project involves the production of a short film about the Hercules in RAF service and we are hoping to contact Hercules air and ground crews who would be prepared to participate in this.

Would any association members be prepared to be interviewed on camera about their Hercules experience, for inclusion in the film? People who have participated in the Falklands War, the Gulf Wars and operations in Afghanistan would be of particular interest but we would be very glad to hear from anybody with operational Hercules experience.

If any of your members would be interested, or if there are any further questions, I can be contacted at ewan.burnet@rafmuseum.org or on 0208 358 4866.

Thank you in advance for your help with this, it is greatly appreciated.”

Ewan Burnet Curator of Film and Sound RAF Museum, Hendon



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