Help our Historian

Simon Batchelor, our unofficial but dedicated historian is having a renewed burst of enthusiasm for his 24 Squadron research. He has now identified 100 different aircraft types operated, in 137 different marks!!!!

If you or you know of anybody who could tell Simon about, A Flight, B Flight, C Flight, D Flight, E flight during 1940 he would be very grateful. All input or material, via the Sec or add a comment to this post.



5 Responses to “Help our Historian”

  1. D Ian McLeod Says:

    I think I can be of some assistance to Simon Bachelor. My father S/L D. Ian McLeod RAF ( 37413 ) flew with 24 Sqdn from August 1937 until February 1940 before joining HQ RAF Component (FF) returning to 24 Sqdn in May 1940 until August 1941. His Log Book shows him to have flown 38 different aircraft including some of those listed in Simon’s June 2012 post on “Aircraft Operated by 24 Sqdn from the outbreak of WW2 until the fall of France”. My father was with C Flight so his log book reads like a Who’s Who of the time including Churchill, Chamberlain and Anthony Eden.

    Port Perry, Ontario, Canada.

  2. the24sec Says:

    Ian – its great news you spotted this post and can be of some assistance to Simon. I will put you in contact with each and await the outcome.

  3. Wg. Cdr. J.I. Davies Says:

    Dear Historian
    I see tnat the Squadron home page shows the translation of ” In omnia parati” as being “ready for all things”. My rusty Latin – and the accepted meaning when I was on the Squadron in the early fifties – translates it as “in all things prepared”. Sorry to be pedantic.

    Incidentally, I was the Squadron Adj, when we received our first Colour – at Abingdon, not long after we moved down from Topcliffe. I still have a copy of the programme which I offered the Squadron a few years ago, but was told they already had one in the archives. You can have it if it would be of use to you.
    John I. Davies,

  4. the24sec Says:

    John – thank you for your participation to the BLog, its posts and comments. With regard to THE translation, I wonder if the jury is still out? I did a quick check on the Brize/XXIV Sqn web page and they are showing “Prepared for all things”.

    I have changed the opening page and History of the BLog to reflect that translation but as merely the typist will bow to any definitive source.

    and lastly if any member or visitor to the BLog expresses a desire for the programme you refer to, I will forward on the details.

    • Simon Batchelor Says:

      David & John,
      I would love to have the programme, I have quite an archive of 24 Squadron related material, which I plan to leave to the Association in the natural course of events.
      Regards Simon Batchelor

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