Hercules XV 216 – Propeller Recovery off Pisa

Hercules XV 216 - Propeller Recovery off Pisa

Hercules XV 216 – Propeller Recovery off Pisa










We thought you might want to see this extraordinary photograph (above) which was sent to W/C Tim Jones early this year by Col Badialetti of the 187° Reggimento Paracadutisti in Pisa. Some fishermen operating off the coast of Livorno found what appears to be one of the propellers from XV216. It certainly looks like the genuine article and was found in an area which matches the grid co-ordinates of the crash site.

The Squadron were about to dispatch a K propeller blade to Italy to form part of an enduring memorial that the Regiment want to create to commemorate the lives who were lost. It now appears that fate has had a better idea. The Colonel has proposed using this prop for the memorial, which was thought to be very fitting.


This topic will form part of our Chairman’s report at the 2012 AGM.


2 Responses to “Hercules XV 216 – Propeller Recovery off Pisa”

  1. Nev Cooper Says:

    Very fitting idea indeed.

  2. Alan Robert Joseph Batty MBE Says:

    I live in Sicily a Retired Army Officer. I was serving in 47ADSQNRCT I had parachuted on Joint Exercises in Sardinia and Sicily mounting from Malta earlier in 1971. I was to be involved in the joint exercise with Folgore, but as fate would have was sent on active unaccompanied operation elsewhere. I was unable to attend the initial service. I would be grateful for any information on the unveiling ceremony.

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