Squadron Ties – the original Zig Zag style

Had a phone call recently from Association Member Chris Kelly asking about the availability of the original black with a red ziz zag Squadron ties. The bottom line is that the Association does not hold stock of any ties or other memorabilia items. Items that are available can be purchased via the Squadron at Brize, follow this link https://the24sec.wordpress.com/2010/11/10/xxiv-squadron-stock-list/.

Chris has made some enquiries but most retailers understandably have a minimum order of around £400, which might buy say around 10 ties. The answer is to drum up a bit of trade and work up to a decent order quantity. So with that in mind and to be a bit pro active, I thought a Blog Post might be a good format to start an order list. The idea is that if you DEFINITELY want a Squadron tie in the Zig Zag style, send me your name and I will put you on the list. I will keep the list running for a few months, say till May 2012 so we can put in an order in time for delivery for the 2012 Reunion. This should bring down the costs to a sensible unit price. If the demand is not sufficient, no order will be placed. A request for payment will be made once the list closes and total costs can be divided by total quantity prior to the order going in.

Luckily John Martin has sent in a photo of the tie design for reference,

XXIV Squadron Zig Zag Tie Design

XXIV Squadron Zig Zag Tie Design

so let’s start the list:-

1. Chris Kelly – Order sent

2. Dave Burgin – Order sent

3. Ken Jones

4. Alan Pickering – Order sent

5. John Mitchell – Order sent

6. Alan Lockwood – Order sent

7. Chas Whitaker

8. John Brittain – Order sent

9. Brian Spurway

10. Richard Bates – Order sent

11. Don Turnbull

12. Richard Gould – Order sent

13. Roger Hale – Order sent

14. David Parker

15. David Barnes

16. Chris Carrington – Order sent

17. Brian Lees [in Aussie] – Order sent

18. Sam Wright [x2] – Order sent

19. Colin Joyner – Order sent

20. Harry Dixon – Order sent


One Response to “Squadron Ties – the original Zig Zag style”

  1. The 24 Sec Says:

    We have a recent addition to the list of those wanting an Association tie, i.e Harry Dixon. Harry has some anecdotal information on the origins of the design as follows:-

    “Our tie [red zig-zag on black background] is a half size version of the Royal Artillery tie adopted during the Squadron’s early operational assignment of spotting for the Royal Artillery.”

    Any other views or thought on this topic, please add a comment

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