A bit of news from France

I have been checking the Airco DH 2 Blog for news of the Hawker Memorial event and have cut and  pasted in the contents of a post to give our Blog a starter before the feedback from Association Members hits the streets. Read on below :-

The entire DH2 party made it to Ligny-Thilloy, unfortunately this also included flight crew as conditions were still too bad to launch from Abbeville at 2pm. That was the latest time possible for take off. Had we left any later we would not have arrived in the overhead for 3pm, as we had a 20 knot headwind.

The service was conducted by the Mayor and the Commanding Officer of 24 Squadron who spoke of Major Lanoe George Hawker, his Squadron and their achievements during the Battle of the Somme.

There was an excellent turn out of locals, some of whom knew next to nothing about Major Hawker or the crash site before today.

We were naturally very sad not to have been able to fulfil our role in today’s proceedings – but delighted to have shared in this important unveiling of a monument for one of Britain’s uncelebrated heroes.

Many thanks to 24 Squadron for inviting us to be a part of their event and for making us feel very welcome.



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