First Reunion at Brize Norton a Blazing Success

On a glorious sunny Saturday on the 1st of October, Association Members and Guests turned out in very good numbers for the first Reunion at RAF Brize Norton. The considerable amount of time spent on pre planning paid off as the days events unfolded without a hitch.

The base for the day was the Coral Room in the Officers Mess where the Mess Manager and staff looked after us all day with ample supplies of teas and coffees and the luxury of a sit down lunch in lovely surroundings. The day followed the pattern of meet and greet, AGM, briefing from Wing Commander Tim Jones and Flt Lt Phil Mobbs, lunch, a tour around the airfield and the new Squadron HQ before a flight around the South West of England.

That concluded a full day of events before some members dispersed for home and others changed and returned for a Ladies Guest Night back in the Mess; that report to come later.

No more words now but a few photos as a taster of what went on.


XXIV Sqn new HQ

Entrance stairs inside New HQ

Entrance stairway inside New HQ

HQ Main Atrium

HQ Main Atrium

Inside C130J

Members shown round the inside C130J

On the main dispersal at Brize

On the main dispersal at Brize


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6 Responses to “First Reunion at Brize Norton a Blazing Success”

  1. Nev Cooper Says:

    Wowww….That was QUICK (I have only just got myself ‘airborne’ on Sunday morning. Rgds Nev Cooper

  2. Timbo Pembrey Says:

    Dear Secretary,

    I would like to personally thank you and the Association Committee for such an enjoyable 24 Squadron Reunion weekend. It was a great success and all your hard work was much appreciated

    Perla and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to next years event. Also, we hope to see many of you again in France next month for the Hawker Memorial Inaugeration on 11.11.11.

    Kindest regards

    Timbo Pembrey

  3. jon cohen Says:

    Greetings from Chilly Port Elizabeth, South Africa!!

    Mr Graeme V Donald attended the 24 Squadron reunion last week Saturday. I’m just enquiring to find out if any members who attended happened to take any pictures of the event? He is currently still in the UK and will be returning to RSA this coming Friday and i would like to present him with a sort of photo album upon his return.

    He is 92 years old and would find it very heart warming to receive such an album from my child who is his first great grand child. I have already contacted the secretary of the club and he was very kind to look into possibly retrieving some photos for me.

    If anybody has any pictures, please email them to me as soon as you can!! my email is, or reach me on the office landline +27 RSA code, 41 4845230, or its now 09:10am 5-10-2011

  4. Timbo Pembrey Says:

    Dear Jon,

    I have sent you over 60 photo’s of the reunion via my Picasa Web Albums. I hope this will help with your endeavours?

    Graeme gave a superb speech and told a good joke at the Ladies Guest Night in the Officers’ Mess at RAF Brize Norton on Saturday – amazing chap and a pleasure to know.

    Kind regards

    Timbo Pembrey

    • Jon Cohen Says:

      Yes thank you Sir,

      Was just a pity there were no pictures of Graeme himself…….

      Thanks for your efforts.

      • Jon Cohen Says:

        If you know of anybody else who has any other pictures of the occasion, please email me as soon as you can and i will touch base with the people.

        Sending greetings from sunny Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

        p.s, the average temperature yesterday recorded here was a gorgeous 38 degree’s c. We so lucky to have numerous beached not more that 5mins drive from our homes.

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