Attendance List for the 2011 Reunion, AGM and Ladies Guest Night

Hi folks.

Just finished totting up who is coming along to this years Reunion and numbers are looking quite good with 51 for the AGM and Lunch and 48 plus Serving Members for the Ladies Guest Night. (See the list below). We are keeping our fingers crossed that the WX  will be  CAVOK on the day and maybe that a flight in a J is on the cards as well as a good look over the new TMRF facilities!

Our base during the day will be the Coral Room in the Officers Mess, so head for that spot on arrival.

See you on the 1st of October – The Sec

Mr Dick Brawn
Mr David Burgin
Mrs Liz Carter
Gp Cpt Keith Chapman
Mr Nev Cooper
Mr Colin Eames
Air Cdr Dick Gould
Mr Roger Hale
Mr Clive Harley
Mr John Harris
Mr Maurice Hills
Mr Peter Hoare
Mr Bill Holder
Mr Alan Johnson
Mr Graham Jones
Mr Harry Luxton
Mr John Martin
Mr Bernie Meeten
Mr Tom Norcross
Mr Geoff Norton
Mr Trev Paterson
Mr Roger Payne
Mr Tim Pembrey
Mrs April Porter
Mr Keith Rayner
Mr Oz Reardon
Mr Keith Reynolds
Mr Lyn Rogers
F/L Sam Stafford
Mr Derek Stewart
Mr Alan Turner
Mr Lionel Warrington
Mr Stan Webb
Mr Chas Whitaker
F/L Phil Whitworth
Mr Adrian Wilson
Mr Sam Wright
Dr Nick Yerbury
Mr Graham Harradine

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