Informal “Get Together” Fri 30th Sep – Change of Venue

It would appear that the Burford House Hotel, the original venue, does not have the space for the 15 – 20 Association Members who are planning to Get Together on the evening of Friday 30th Sep.

After a ring around, we have made arrangements with the Bay Tree in Sheep Street who have plenty of space in The Woolsack Bar. 

If you re do your flight plan and drop in any time after 20:00 hrs, the mission is achievable.




One Response to “Informal “Get Together” Fri 30th Sep – Change of Venue”

  1. Timbo Pembrey Says:

    Many thanks for the update regarding the change of venue for our 24 Squadron bash on Friday evening, 30 September in Burford.

    I’m delighted that my small contribution helped in making this happen – perhaps the Sec and l will get free drinks at The Woolpack Bar for supplying our finest custom?

    Perla and I thoroughly look forward to seeing everyone over the reunion weekend and our new home at BZN. Hopefully, to fly in the latest model of the superb ‘Fat Albert’ again – heaven!

    Kind regards to all

    Cheers and WASPS!

    Timbo (1973 – 1979)

    Home: 01293 887775
    Mobile: 07952 037747

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