Letter of thanks to all XXIV Squadron Association Members and Friends

On behalf of all serving members of XXIV Squadron, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for the substantial donation made recently by Association members to our Lanoe Hawker Memorial Project.  The very generous sum (amounting to some £1200) represents an enormous help in our quest to raise funds for the inauguration of the memorial in November.  In such straitened times, fundraising can be quite a challenge; it is particularly heartening, therefore, to receive such a significant pledge of support in the current climate.

Members will be aware that work towards the memorial has been underway for several months now.  Flight Lieutenant Phil Mobbs has worked tirelessly in his spare time to bring together the vital components of the project, many of which are now coming together.  I am grateful also for the support offered by the Association through Chas Whitaker in providing ‘hands-on’ help for the project.  Many of you will know that we are still some way short of our total funding target if we are to secure a DH2 flypast.  As a result of the Association’s donation however, the building of the memorial itself is assured; a great result.  The money you have raised will go directly towards its construction.

We are very much looking forward to November, and to being re-united with members of the Association in France.  Our aim is to conduct a sober, poignant and fitting commemoration of a great historical figure.  I believe the plans we have will do justice to the memory of Lanoe Hawker and the sacrifice he made while serving on XXIV Squadron.  For your contribution to this, I am very grateful.


Tim Jones (Officer Commanding XXIV Squadron)


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