Reconnoite trip to Brize Norton, Burford and Bibury

It was a full day in the diary for Sam Wright and myself on Wednesday 27th October as we headed off to Brize, Burford and Bibury to sort out arrangements and view the lay of the land for the 2011 Association Social Calendar.

First stop was a meeting with Peter Miles, the Officers Mess Manager at Brize Norton. We did get a bit of a taste of what needs to be done before hand, security pass wise,  just to get on the base through the main entrance.  Once through, we were escorted round to the main entrance of the Mess, quite an impressive sight, then into the office to sort out the arrangements  for October 2011. It all seemed to be no problem for Peter and the staff, who are quite used to functions of all flavours and sizes.

We have booked the use of the Coral Room with its own bar and plenty of space to make ourselves comfortable for the day. It is adjacent to the main dining room, so ideal to meet up there again in the evening prior to the Ladies Guest Night. A worthwhile visit to settle our minds of what to expect in 2011.

Coral Room at Brize

Coral Room at Brize











The general format for Associations holding Reunions at Brize is to centre on Burford for accommodation off base, so that was the next way-point to plug into the Sat Nav. The 5 mile trip along the B4020 soon had us in the High Street, going past many of the Hotels that are shown on the snap shot below. Looks like plenty of choice and not normally that much going on in October time. It will be down to members to make final arrangements with the selected establishments.

The plan is to organise a coach to start the pick up from the Burford House Hotel, continue up the High Street, stopping on the way via the Travel Lodge and on into Brize.

The last point of interest was the Bibury Court Hotel, singled out at the AGM as the preferred choice for the Summer Social in June. We had been in touch with the Hotel previously and met the General Manager who was amenable to the option of a buffet lunch in the newly refurbished dining areas, (very contemporary at around £1M). With Wednesday 8th June booked provisionally, all that was left to do was to head back to the start point  of what proved to be  an interesting and fruitful day.

p.s. more updates a bit nearer the time – you’ll never forget if you sign up for the email subscription option.

A Google map snap shot showing Hotels around Burford

Burford Hotels snap shot


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