New Squadron History Room is a firm favourite

All the hard work certainly has paid off for those who have upgraded the Squadron History Room. Plenty of Association members and guests strolled over to the new enlarged and ever expanding Squadron History Room to revisit a few scenes form the past.

Major Todd Shugart on exchange form the USAF has been involved in a labour of love in putting the many items of memorabilia in fine order. It is on track to be classified almost a museum at this rate.

XXIV Squadron History Room October 2009

XXIV Sqn History Room


3 Responses to “New Squadron History Room is a firm favourite”

  1. The 24 Sec Says:

    A letter in this week from S/L Al Tano about the photo Albums.

    To keep you abreast of the photo album project, we have ordered three albums to cover 1991-2000, 2001-2010 and 2011-2020. The first was sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Carmen and the second by the Association’s very kind donation at the annual dinner. I had planned to ask the current flight commanders to sponsor the third but have been outdone by Clive and Sheila Harley’s generosity.

    The first album has arrived on the Squadron and the second and third are expected within three weeks. To ensure that the generosity of all involved is recorded I will have a certificate, displaying the sponsors’ details affixed to the inside front cover of each album. When this is completed I will send you, Clive and Sheila photographs of the finished albums.

    Would you please pass on XXIV Squadron’s wholehearted thanks to the XXIV Squadron Association?

  2. "Steve" Stevenson Says:

    As an “ex” 24Sqn aviator(contemporary of Clive’s), I was interested to come upon the pilot’s log book of one, Ralph Fisher, who flew with various units during WW2, and passed at least a year with “24”, based mostly at Hendon, in the closing years of the war. W/O Fisher flew most of the “twins” operated by the Sqn at the time and will certainly feature in operations details of the period. He survived the war to become, I think, a school teacher, live to a fine old age.
    Please contact me if you feel that this piece of history might be of interest or useful to the “history room”.
    Yours, H.H. “Steve” Stevenson

  3. The 24 Sec Says:

    Steve thanks for the log book offer.

    I have been in contact with Major Todd Shugart, an exchange officer who is acting as Historian today and they would like to take custody of this item. It will be well cared for and will add another piece to the history jigsaw.

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