RFC 24 Squadron in WW1.

Received an email recently from Robin SWART, grandson of  W.B. Swart which might be of interest which has links with the early RFC era and a previous OC of XXIV Squadron:-

Robin’s grandfather and his brother both either served, or were associated with, with the RFC 24 Squadron in WW1.

He is in possession of the original letter to the Air Ministry that recommends his grandfather, W.B. SWART to be a pilot in the RFC. Unfortunately, the top section of the letter is missing, so they do not know the date of it, but it is signed by the Squadron Leader Commanding of No. 24 (Communications) Squadron at the time.

WWI Brothers and XXIV Links

WWI Brothers and XXIV Links

His brother, Major J.G. SWART was the Commanding Officer of the Squadron on 22 August 1917 (as per your web site).  He is mentioned a number of times at: http://www.apw.airwar1.org.uk/flying%20trg.htm and won the Military Cross at the battle of the Somme.

The attached photograph is of Robin’s grandfather, W.B. SWART and his father, E.B.J. SWART, in South African Air Force  uniform just before WW2. His father served in the SAAF during WW2 and the Korean War and his younger brother, Derek Swart rose to the rank of Group Captain in the RAF.

If you have any further information about W.B. SWART, Robin would be very interested to know the facts.

Many thanks,

Robin Swart


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