Summer 2009 Issue 16 Newsletter now on Line

Hello to one and all who follow the news about 24 Squadron Association.

This years Issue 16 Newsletter has been sent out to all members, some 236 of them in hard copy and for reference the soft copy version PDF format is available to view. The big difference is that the on-line version is in colour cover to cover, whereas the hard copy has only the outer and inside cover in colour. Its all down to cost as usual.

Do have a look through and enjoy,

signed The Editor and Secretary.

24 Sqn Association Newsletter Issue16 Final version for Internet


2 Responses to “Summer 2009 Issue 16 Newsletter now on Line”

  1. Pete Legge Says:

    Hello, Although not a member of 24 Squadron, I came across your site in my search for details about Major Lanoe Hawker’s DH2. I am building a 1/32 scale model of the DH2, and would like to make an accurate as possible replica of 5964. My research has been very frustrating due to lack of reliable data, much of which is actually contradictory. Are there any photgraphs of 5964? Also, was the gravity fuel tank mounted above the top wing, or below it? Were the wheels mounted with the flat sides facing inwards or outwards? was the airframe finished in clear doped linen, with grey hard area’s, or CDL with PC10 hard area’s, or PC10 over the upper surfaces including the wings? Were the outer interplane struts finished with the flight markings of red and white stripes, or were they grey? Did the lower nacelle surface have the famous “sawtooth” design? I have a thousand and one questions, photo’s would be REALLY helpful! I have also contacted the RAF museum, and await their answer. Any help is appreciated, regards, Pete.

  2. the24sec Says:

    Pete – thanks for the comment to our Newsletter re the DH2. It is a very comprehensive query and I will answer you outside the Blog with a possible contact to assist you.

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