XXIV Sqn Standard – Livorno 9 Nov 08

A brief note for the Blog Book from Keith Chapman to let you know that everything went more or less according to plan at Livorno last Sunday.  Overall, it was a good day with lots of emotion, speeches, sunshine and copious quantities of prosecco.

This photo shows the XXIV Sqn Standard (alongside the Colour of 187 Parachute Regiment) being marched towards the Regimental Chapel where it was handed over to the Regimental Padre in a very moving ceremony.

Richard Bates will be writing to thank the CO of the Parachute Regiment for his unit’s thoughtfulness, generous sentiments and outstanding hospitality.  Keith will write to Andy Bacon to say how well the Squadron was represented by Sqn Ldr Jon Edmondson and his team.  They did a terrific job.

Incidentally, we have established that this is only the second time that an RAF Squadron Standard has been laid up outside the UK.  The only previous occasion was the laying-up of a Standard in a British church in Hong Kong [following the unit’s disbandment] in the era when HK was still a crown colony. So the laying-up in Livorno is actually the FIRST time that an RAF Standard has been laid to rest on non-British territory.  The Italians are very aware of this and feel extremely proud that they have been accorded this special honour.  The Standard has been placed inside a beautifully-crafted oak cabinet inside the chapel and we can be absolutely confident that it has passed into very good hands indeed.

The old standard is laid to rest in Pisa

The old standard is laid to rest in Pisa


One Response to “XXIV Sqn Standard – Livorno 9 Nov 08”

  1. The 24 Sec Says:

    We have just had some more excellent photos back from the Livorno laying up ceremony courtesy W/C Andy Bacon and plan to upload them on to the Blog Book very soon.

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