Richard Peach

We have only just been informed that a former OC of XXIV Squadron passed away in April 2008. His funeral was on the 12th April at the Church of Scotland, Plockton. The Highland Hospice in Inverness provided the most miraculous care for Richard in recent weeks, giving him sufficient strength to be able to come home for his last days.

The service was given by the minister Roddy Rankin. Richard always used to joke that Roddy “does a fine funeral – I’d like him to do mine”. He once, while en route as a navigator, made a bet with his pilot, Dickie Burdon, that he could successfully bring their aircraft to destination across the Pacific Ocean without a single alteration of course during the journey, and that he won the bet.


4 Responses to “Richard Peach”

  1. Colin Blakelock Says:

    Do you know if Richard “Dick” Peach was ever an Ops Controller at Masirah in 1971/72?
    A group of us who were there during that time are having a reunion in October and have been looking for Dick to join us.
    Colin Blakelock

  2. the24sec Says:

    Colin, sadly if you read the Post, Richard Dick Peach passed away in 2008. Our records only cover the period from 1983 – 1985 when Wing Commander Richard Dick Peach was a pilot on Hercules aircraft at Lyneham.

  3. Tony Jukes Says:

    Richard “Dick” Peach served as an Ops Contoller at Masirah following a tour on 36 Sqn. Date would be about 1971/72 as he joined 36 Sqn in late 1968 ex No 12 Hercules course.

  4. Colin Blakelock Says:

    Sad news indeed. I wasn’t sure if it was the same Dick Peach but unfortunately it seems so. He was well liked by the airmaen who worked under him in Ops at Masirah.

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