Omnibus Members Update

Hi one and all, probably one. Just putting a post on the Blog to summarise a bit of Secretary activity with emails and normal post that has happened this side of Christmas.

Had a couple of enquiries for membership, which is good as things have been a bit quiet on that side of the Association. I would like to think its a result of me sending a notice out soon after our Reunion this October to the likes of Air Britain BA Pilots Magazine etc. One from a Ted Robbins age 87 in East Sussex and the other from an ex copilot who I flew with, Al Lockwood, now running his own consultancy business from Lincolnshire. Great to hear from them.

Another welcome letter and donation of £20 was from a lady in Grimsby who we help reunite with some long lost friends from her days in Malta and a Christmas card from the Flanders Aviation Society based at Wevelgem airport courtesy of Etienne Vanackere. Etienne tends the grave stones in the local church of the WWII fallen.

Lastly, a letter asking us to put a link from our website links page to the Changi Association and a mention of a book titled “The History of Changi” by Air Commodore Henry Probert


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