Without Fear – WWII Memoirs


Association Member Graeme Donald has sent us a complimentary copy of his newly published memoirs – Without Fear. If you would like borrow it, please contact The Sec.

Graeme Vivian Donald, a former pilot in the RAF, saw active service throughout World War II. Encouraged by a childhood friend, Donald learned to fly aeroplanes at the airfield near Masterton in New Zealand where he grew up. He accepted a commission in the summer of 1939, joining RAF Coastal Command shortly after war was declared.

Without Fear will make fascinating reading for those with an interest in the RAF or aviation in general, but it also contains a great deal about the author’s childhood and his life after the war, during which time he worked in civil aviation for KLM, started a family and began a business in wool and other industries.


2 Responses to “Without Fear – WWII Memoirs”

  1. Debbie landman Says:

    I am trying to get hold of Graeme Donald, the author of Without fear, to buy a copy for our museum archives. Can you help ?

    Debbie Landman (Head Librarian)
    National English Literary Museum
    Private Bag 1019
    Ph: +27 46 6227042
    Fax: +27 46 6222582

  2. The 24 Sec Says:


    Athena Press, (Queen’s House, 2 holly Road, Twickenham, TW1 4EG info@athenapress.com) the publishers assure me in the letter I received in November that Without Fear is available through Gardeners – the distributors and on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk.

    Hope you find a copy for the archives

    The 24 Sec

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