Here is the Agenda for Saturday 6th October and please note we are due to start at 11:00 Hrs

1. Apologies for absence & In-Memoriam (Secretary)

2. Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting (Chairman)

3. Matters Arising (Secretary)

4. Chairman’s Report

5. Treasurer’s Report (to include “Centenary Fund” statement)

6. Secretary and Membership Report

7. Annual Election of Officers:

a Chairman, b Deputy Chairman, c Treasurer, d Secretary.

8. Future association events including venues and proposed dates:

a. Summer Lunch 2008

b. Reunion weekend 2008 [AGM etc]

9. Up-date on Burton Hill House School [Secretary]

10. Any other Business

Present Elected Committee

Chairman : Keith Chapman

Deputy Chairman : Sam Wright

Treasurer : Keith Rayner

Secretary : David Burgin

Other key posts

President : Air Commodore Richard Gould

Membership Champion : Mike Long


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