After the War Years 1945 – to date

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3 Responses to “After the War Years 1945 – to date”

  1. The 24 Sec Says:

    Mrs Betty Archebell, widow of the late W/C Archie Archbell has sent some interesting press cuttings of when Jack Hannah, Frank’s brother, who was also on XXIV in 1945 and later years, re met the Queen Mother again in 1985 at a pathfinders reunion at RAF Wyton. Hope to put these article sin the Newsletter in the Summer.

  2. Tony Beeton Says:

    Read your website with interest and wonder if your members were aware of one ex 24 Sqdn C47 still giving sterling service. It was KP220 and based at Bassingbourn from July 1946 to August 1950 having come from the RCAF and put into VIP standard. It then became G-ANAF and was with BKS Air Services named Jean Batten. Then went to Hunting Surveys operating world wide and on oil exploration. Now with Air Atlantique on charter to Thales. Looks very neat in its new red livery. Does anyone have any pictures of the aircraft during its stay at Bassingbourn. I have its operational history with names of the many VIP’s and crews who flew in her. Used by Lord Mountbatten on several occasions.

  3. simon mcilroy Says:

    I have just come across Tony Beeton’s comments about KP 220. My father, Mac McIlroy was a member of the crew on several flights between UK and Vienna, early 1947. He was based with the VIP squadron in Vienna. His time there is described in a chapter of a book (POW 3267) I wrote about his Bomber Command experiences

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