Welcome to our BLog Book

Just getting started with this whole blogging scene – so lets give it a try and see how it works for us.


3 Responses to “Welcome to our BLog Book”

  1. The 24 Sec Says:

    Hi everyone

    Not much input from Members or readers to the BLog Book as yet. Any news or things you have been up to connected with XXIV would fit the bill and keep us all up to date, just add them to one of the topics.

    I am still working full time for the MoD and had to go over to RAF Brize Norton for the first time I can ever remember last week on 1st March on business. Its not quite got the same feel to the place as Lyneham but did think that might as well start getting used to the idea that Reunions would be held over here near Carterton as from 2012.

    If any one has any recent first hand experiences of the Sergeants and Officers Mess for functions, or the local area for accommodation then add a comment to this topic.

  2. Peter Keeble Says:

    Just found this site – not that I’m slow on the uptake or anything! Good to see modern technology isn’t defeating even the older members in our midst. Keep up the good work Mr Secretary.

    Hope to see some of you at the coming reunion in October. Perhaps Sam Wright will give us a wee skirl of his pipes before we head for home again?

  3. Mike Long Says:

    hi guys, just letting you know that after a car accident in aug 08, i suffer a major heart attack at the end of january 2010, i miss you all very much, and hope to see you all again soon,

    best wishes & blue skies
    mike long

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